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SaschArt offer you free hosting for 6 months time for your web site if you order one of my package from Personal Package to Audio/Video Streaming Package*.
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About project

SaschArt SaschArt SaschArt
SaschArt is a project of web creation and programming based primarily on php/mysql technology and Photoshop graphic. In this presentation, SaschArt addresses for the firms and physical persons which need a modern promotion in an original web design on the Internet. Web design services offered targeting performance of a rich and varied range of sites from the simplest to the most complex.My Facebook Profile My Facebook Profile
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Short CV

Skills: Programs:
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, FrontPage, PowerPoint)
  • Adobe (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Flash Media Server - streaming audio/video)
  • Corel Draw, Adobe Real Draw, Xara 3D
  • PHP, MySQL, HTML, XML, Flash, AS, JavaScript, CSS
  • Web design buildings:,,,,,,,,,,
    Plugin/components buildings: Rich Counter for Joomla 1.5 and WordPress 2.5 (or later)
    Software buildings: STasks Process Manager, SasCam Webcam Server and more
    Digital art creations:
  • My galleries of digital works are published to and
  • Works of digital art submited to most important web galleries:,,,,

  • Argumentation

    SaschArt SaschArt SaschArt
    SaschArt SaschArt use to execute websites the own scripts, builed gradually and tested over long periods of time. Do not use free scripts parts taken from the Internet, functions and classes copied this script is very clean. On request I can execute websites on free platforms (eg Joomla and WordPress) but I recommend all of my scripts for the following reasons:
  • SaschArt scripts don't have security holes. Free scripts, because it is open source, any developer has access to the script and can easily find security holes. In addition the problems are published on the internet and ways in which these scripts can break free.
  • After complete programming the PHP code supplied along with an option uniquely coded.
  • No malfunction, in beta test period is activated the error detection service so after this period will be no operating problems.
  • SaschArt script execution time is about five times smaller than the execution time of a script like Joomla or WordPress
  • Consumed resources (CPU, memory, HDD) of SaschArt codes are much lower than free scripts. Disk space was at a site made by me at 16MB against 100MB before the same site with the same content but Joomla. This means that installation/removal procedure is much easier for sites created by me.
  • MySQL database is much smaller for the same records, that involves a major data security, moving fast and many other facilities.
  • I offer a great flexibility, can I programme to request any service/function that is required on your site.
  • Is not dependent on free platforms, if over a period of time you will need additional services is possible that these platforms can not provide that service. Are very few programmers that can make changes and additions on free scripts.
  • Although very complex, SaschArt programmed codes are extremely simple, ingenious and deductibles, no classes are used cumbersome and confusing.
  • Administration is very easy and intuitive.
  • I will provide statistics with visitors real information, very useful for promotion.
  • SaschArt SaschArt SaschArt

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